What You Should Know About Gastroschisis

If you are a parent-to-be and are expecting a baby or recently had a baby, one of the concerns you may have for your child is the possibility that they could have a congenital issue or a birth defect. One such issue is known in medical terms as gastroschisis. Get to know some of the major facts about this birth defect and what can be done about it if your baby is born with it.

Holistic Treatments To Help With Your Parkinson's Disease

If you have recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, you may feel lost and confused. After all, this is a serious condition that can seem quite scary and complicated. However, there are many treatments available to help you manage your Parkinson's disease, including some holistic treatment options. Holistic treatments are treatments that take the whole person into account (body, mind, and soul). They are also often called alternative medicine or alternative treatments.