3 Reasons An Employer May Require Drug Testing

Drug testing is often associated with incidents like DUIs. However, many employers use drug testing to ensure their employees are clean and can provide safe, effective services. Each business runs differently, but there are three main reasons that an employer may decide to drug test you.

1. Upon Hiring

If an employer is interested in hiring you for a job, they will require a lot, such as background checks, copies of your driver's license and copies of your social security card. If the employer wants to offer you the job, however, the next step is often drug testing. The employer refers you to a local facility that provides drug testing, and you schedule the appointment.

If it turns out you did have drugs in your system, the company will likely rescind their offer. If you live in a state where medical marijuana is legal, your employer may ignore positive marijuana tests if you have a valid medical card. In fact, in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, it's illegal to fire employees for the use of legal medical marijuana. As for legal recreational marijuana, each employer handles it differently.

2. After a Work Accident

Workplace accidents are common, but workers' compensation helps pay for medical bills and some lost wages. Nearly every employer is required to have workers' compensation insurance, and when filing a claim, you don't have to prove fault.

However, there are some instances in which your workers' compensation claim could be denied, including being on drugs while working. In fact, most businesses will automatically send employees for drug testing right after accidents. Naturally, medical attention comes first, but ideally, the employer wants you tested fast in case the drug leaves your system.

3. Random Screenings

Of course, in some cases, there is no real reason behind a drug test. Your employer has the right to send employees for occasional random screenings. However, it's important that employers are careful about these random screenings.

If they aren't actually random, you could argue they are being biased. For example, if only employees of certain races undergo random screenings, it's not random. Similarly, if you keep being chosen for the random drug test, the employer isn't being random.

Drug tests help ensure employees aren't intoxicated while working. However, there are rules regarding when an employer can send you for a drug screening. If you would like to know more about drug testing, or if you need to schedule a test, contact a provider in your area today.