Supplements And Heart Health: What To Know Before Using Herbals And Home Remedies

Millions of Americans are fascinated by the use of herbal compounds, alternative medicines, and natural remedies. In fact, according to some estimates, consumers may be spending as much as $34 billion dollars each year on products advertised to assist with everything from minor rashes to cardiac care. While some of these products may have some medicinal value, people who attempt to use them to treat self-diagnosed conditions may be placing their health, or even their life, at risk.

How to Find Relief From Osteoarthritis That Is Further Complicated By Baker's Cyst

Osteoarthritis can affect your daily life. This condition makes it painful and difficult to move. It can cause more problems with the addition of a Baker's cyst, which can cause trouble getting full use of your knee. Read on to find out how to find relief from osteoarthritis. When Traditional Treatment Is Not Effective Osteoarthritis of the knee is normally treated with traditional treatments. These treatments include ice packs, pain pills, rest, injections, and physical therapy.

Battling Cancer Fatigue? Here Are Some Coping Strategies

There are many symptoms that you may experience as a cancer patient that are related to your cancer and to the treatment itself. One very common symptom that many cancer patients experience is fatigue. However, despite being a common symptoms, many patients don't report it to their doctors, and medical professionals often don't focus on this symptom. Take a look at what you should know about coping with cancer fatigue.