Hypertension 101

While changing your diet and starting an exercise regime is a good start at beginning to lower your blood pressure, your healthcare center provider may still prescribe one or more different medications to quickly reduce it. Here is what you should know about high blood pressure and these potentially lifesaving drugs. What Is High Blood Pressure? As you blood courses through your body, it is under pressure. When the force against your blood vessels in persistently too high, you are said to have too high of a blood pressure, which is called hypertension.

Pregnancy Tips: Here's How to Make Sure You Choose the Right Pediatrician for Your Newborn

There are tons of things to think about and prepare for as an expectant mother, including choosing the right pediatrician for your newborn's needs. Here are a few things you can do to ensure that the pediatrician you choose is the right one for your family: Gather Your Leads The first thing you should do when choosing a pediatrician to care for your newborn is gather leads from a variety of resources.

3 Affordable Ways To Provide Your Elderly Parents With In-Home Care

If your parents are getting up there in age and need more assistance around the home, they are going to need some in-home care. In-home care services around the clock can be expensive, though, which is why you should really rely on the idea that it takes a village not just to raise a child, but to take care of the elderly as well. #1 Hire a Professional In-Home Care Provider

3 Fascinating Facts About Your Pregnant Body

Pregnancy is a miraculous thing because it allows you to bring a new life into the world. While you most likely already understand how this new life can affect your emotions, the pregnancy will also affect your body and physical well-being. Whether you are currently pregnant or hoping to conceive soon, understanding the changes in your body is imperative. Here are a few fascinating facts about your pregnant body. Your Uterus Will Grow (and Grow and Grow)

Exercise And Play Time Ideas For Your Infant

Infants need stimulation, exercise,  and play time too. Without this sensory and extra play, you could be hindering your infants' growth. Sure, babies don't exactly do too much, but this play can help with fine and gross motor skills. Read on for some sensory play and other play time ideas for your infant. Tummy Time Tummy time is important for your growing infant; tt helps prevent flat spots on the head, as well as increases the muscles in the neck, spine and other areas of the body.