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3 Times Direct Primary Care May Be Right For You

While some people are comfortable paying out-of-pocket for medical care or working closely with their insurance company, others find the burden of medical care costs incredibly overwhelming. Fortunately, the direct primary care model is a flat-fee based way to get the medical help you need from the provider you already work with. After paying a monthly fee, direct primary care doctors can help you with whatever services they offer in-office, making it possible to control medical expenses. Here are three times direct primary care may be right for you. 

1.    You're Strapped for Cash

Instead of struggling with steep deductibles and overwhelming costs, the direct primary care model offers patients the opportunity to sign a contract for ongoing care for a low monthly price. For instance, instead of paying each time you go to the doctor and then receiving a surprise bill in the mail weeks later, the direct primary care model makes it easy to sign up for a care plan, pay a flat monthly fee, and see the doctor whenever you need to—without worrying about extra costs. 

These plans are ideal for anyone who is concerned about the costs involved with medical care since all you pay for any service you can receive in-office is the monthly fee. Ask your direct primary care provider if they offer the convenient flat-rate monthly cost or if certain services require additional fees or copays. 

2.    You Don't Anticipate Serious Medical Problems

Oftentimes, direct primary care plans offer help with everything from vaccinations and checkups to wound care and even x-rays for broken bones. However, these plans aren't right for emergency care, such as traumas from car accidents or urgent treatment for medical conditions like cancer. 

Before you sign up for direct primary care, think about how likely you are to endure serious medical problems in the near future. For instance, while direct primary care may not be right for people with young children prone to injuries, these plans work great for people who have predictable daily lives and who don't engage in risky behaviors. 

3.    You Feel Comfortable With Your Doctor

Since direct primary care doctors will be helping you with everything from routine physical examinations to women's health exams, it is important to be comfortable with your provider before you get started. Make sure you like your doctor and that you feel comfortable working with them each time you need medical care before signing up for a plan. 

You should evaluate your lifestyle and budget carefully before moving forward with any type of medical care, so spend some time carefully researching direct primary care plans in your area before you make any decisions regarding monthly memberships. Additionally, spend the time to evaluate what you will get out of the plan versus how much it would cost you to obtain the care you need otherwise. By doing your research ahead of time, you can quickly and easily narrow down the right provider for your lifestyle. 

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