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3 Affordable Ways To Provide Your Elderly Parents With In-Home Care

If your parents are getting up there in age and need more assistance around the home, they are going to need some in-home care. In-home care services around the clock can be expensive, though, which is why you should really rely on the idea that it takes a village not just to raise a child, but to take care of the elderly as well.

#1 Hire a Professional In-Home Care Provider

The first thing you should do is hire a professional in-home care provider. See if you can get either of your parents' doctors to write a medical note that recommends in-home care. If your parent's primary care doctor recommends in-home care, you may be able to have the cost covered by Medicaid.

Your parent's insurance may cover a set amount of hours per week or per month of in-home care. This can be a start to the village that you need to take care of your parents.

For the professional in-home care that you get through your parent's insurance, make a care plan that focuses on your parent's medical and personal needs, such as help taking medication, physical therapy, help with bathing, and nutritional assistance. You want to get the most out of this professional assistance.

#2 Look at Community Resources

There are often numerous resources in the community that you can access to help your parents out. If your parents struggle to make meals, see if there is a Meals on Wheels program in your area that you can sign your parents up for to ensure that they get hot meals every day. Look into organizations that deliver hot meals.

Next, look into organizations that offer volunteer assistance with taking care of a home, such as a boy scout troop that will mow your parents' yard. Then, get in contact with your parents' place of worship to see if they have any volunteer programs in place to help out the seniors in their congregation.

Utilize local community resources to take care of your parents' various needs, from meal delivery, to senior outings, to help with taking care of their yard.

#3 Rely on Family & Friends

Third, look towards family and friends to look after your parents. When you all work together, the burden does not have to be so great. Create a schedule with family and friends to ensure that someone is always looking in on your parents. This schedule could consist of making sure that someone calls your parents every day on the phone; this is a great way to include long-distance friends and relatives. You can set up a schedule to have local friends and relatives drop by every few days or once a week. Work together to create a support system so someone, in some way, is always looking in on your parents.

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a village to help someone age gracefully. Build up a village for your parents starting with professional in-home care, and supplement that professional help with assistance from community organizations, family, and friends.

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3 Affordable Ways To Provide Your Elderly Parents With In-Home Care

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