Exercise And Play Time Ideas For Your Infant

Infants need stimulation, exercise,  and play time too. Without this sensory and extra play, you could be hindering your infants' growth. Sure, babies don't exactly do too much, but this play can help with fine and gross motor skills. Read on for some sensory play and other play time ideas for your infant.

Tummy Time

Tummy time is important for your growing infant; tt helps prevent flat spots on the head, as well as increases the muscles in the neck, spine and other areas of the body. Give your infant a play mat or allow your baby to lay on the carpet directly. Give your infant age-appropriate objects such as teething toys and other teething objects. Allow your baby to grab for these objects and take a look around.

Sensory Play

Sensory toys that make noise, shake, or are good for teething are all great exercise toys for your infant. It helps exercise your child's brain and helps with grasp. Keep trying to get your infant to grasp at objects, shake or rattle the objects to get your infants attention and to keep him stimulated and get your child to smile or laugh.

Tickle Time

Tickle your infant to get your baby to laugh or smile; this is an important exercise time for your infant and a great time for you and your baby to bond. Tickle your baby's feet, legs, armpits, sides, tummy, and neck. Get your baby laughing and having fun. 

Sitting Time

Older infants that can sit in a walker or a jumper, or simply sitting up with a Boppy pillow are all great ways to strengthen your baby's legs and other parts of the body. Jumpers and walkers help strengthen the baby's legs which will be important when your baby begins to crawl or walk. Sit your baby up, but if your baby cannot hold up their own head, use a Boppy pillow and sit your baby up with the neck still supported. Your infant should never be left alone in the Boppy, as your baby may fall over and cause injury to your infant. Bumbo seats are also sometimes used, these should only ever be used with parental supervision and should never be used on a counter, table, or other high areas.

Bath Time

Bath time is another fun time to play with your child. Allow your baby to touch and play in the water. Never leave your infant in the bath unattended, even in an infant bath seat. Play with your baby in the bath and give appropriate toys to your infant to touch, hold, and play with.

Exercise and play time is extremely important for your infant. Talk to your pediatric doctor about other types of sensory and play time for your infant to help with growth.