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Reasons To Book Physical Therapy At A Clinic With Private Rooms

If you have a need for physical therapy, you'll likely notice two different types of clinics when you begin perusing the internet to find a clinic and make an appointment. Some physical therapy clinics have a gym-like feel and often cater to large groups of patients. If you've just been through a joint replacement, for example, you may commonly join a physical therapy group to complete your rehab. At other physical therapy clinics, however, treatments take place in private rooms, much like a small medical clinic. There are advantages to the former setting, but here are some reasons to book your appointments at a clinic with private rooms.

You'll Enjoy The Privacy

While there's nothing inherently wrong with completing your physical therapy in a large room alongside several other patients, this approach doesn't work for those who prefer to have privacy. Sometimes, you may feel self-conscious about your body or your physical limitations, and you'll feel better working one-on-one with a physical therapist without others being around you. For example, if you are overweight and have poor mobility, and thus find many of the prescribed exercises to be difficult, you may be more focused on wondering what those around you are thinking than concentrating on the task at hand when you're in a gym-like environment.

It's Easier To Concentrate

Group physical therapy classes can often have an upbeat and energetic feel, which might work for some people but not necessarily for you. When you're in a gym-like clinic, you may find that it's a challenge to concentrate on what your physical therapist is telling you, and this could lead to problems. For example, if you're not clear about how to perform the exercises that you're asked to do at home, you'll get behind in your recovery. In a private room, it's understandably easier to concentrate on the directives.

You'll Be Paired With Your Actual Physical Therapist

In a group setting, one physical therapist may oversee a group of a dozen patients, for example. There may also be a physical therapy university student doing an internship who is helping. If the therapist is occupied with other patients, the intern may help you—and even if he or she is helpful and friendly, this person doesn't have the same skills and knowledge as the trained physical therapist. When you have your session in a private room, you will have the therapist's full attention. 

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